Accelerated After School Program

The Accelerated After School Program provides tutoring for students across all subjects. Our curriculum is carefully designed to correlate with each student's in school learning. In addition to tutoring, students have the opportunity to learn ahead.

Our afterschool program is designed to help your child improve their grades and achieve academic success.

This is a great program for kids who may be having difficulty in class, falling behind, requiring additional academic support, or assistance with test preparation.

Overview of our After School Tutoring Schedule

After School Tutoring Pricing - $115 / Week

Our After School Program is available to students of all grade levels

(K-12) from 3 P.M. – 7 P.M., Monday – Friday.

Our tutors encourage students to advance their learning by teaching ahead of the traditional school systems. Every tutor at the center is trained and tested to ensure a high level of proficiency in their designated grade level. Our after school program prepares students for any upcoming exams and aids in the creation of high quality projects. Additionally, educators maintain frequent contact with the teachers from school in order to monitor the progress of their students and give further academic support.

We help students with homework, reteaching concepts, prepare for tests, develop better learning strategies and more.

If needed, we can communicate with teachers, represent parents for parent teacher conferences to better understand the students weaknesses.