Elementary school, which spans kindergarten through fifth grade, is a formative time for students because of the importance of the curriculum.


Giving them the resources they need to overcome these obstacles will help them succeed academically and in life.

Duc Dinh Center is a Houston tutoring center dedicated to providing elementary school students with exceptional tutors who can help them reach academic success.

As learning itself presents an ever-evolving difficulty, it is imperative that we provide our elementary school students with the tools they'll need to succeed in a variety of academic environments. Having a tutor in elementary school can help a child build a solid academic foundation that can last a lifetime. At Duc Dinh Center, elementary school students are our top priority, and we work hard to help them develop the knowledge, self-confidence, and enthusiasm they'll need to achieve their academic potential.

elementary school student getting tutored at duc dinh center

Elementary School Tutoring Programs We Offer

The elementary school tutoring programs at Duc Dinh Center are just what your child needs to finally excel in school. A love of learning and a desire to take on leadership roles in the classroom are two outcomes we hope to see from our tutoring centers.

An afterschool program designed to help your elementary school child improve their grades and achieve academic success.

This program is intended to help students improve their grades, and deepen their understanding of what they are currently learning in elementary school.

Successful completion of the summer program gives elementary school students a tremendous edge relative to their peers in the upcoming school year.